How to Install a Lock on a Patio or Sliding Door

A patio door or sliding door offers home intruders an easy entrance into your home. These doors are usually made of glass and provide access from your backyard to the interior of your home. If you want to protect your family from any home invasion, this door must be secured. To make sure your patio door is shut tight, install extra protection. These door locks are quite easy to put in yourself and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Patio Lock

Things You’ll Need

  • Fort Knox Patio Lock
  • Pencil
  • Drill with metal drilling bits


  1. The lock will go on the edge of your door, where the door slides into the door jamb. Place the lock into the place it will go and mark where on the sill the lock will hit.
  2. With the patio or sliding door closed, drill through the metal door frame and the metal that holds the glass in. Match your bit to the size of the lock bolt. The bit should be slightly larger than the bolt.
  3. Open the door and place the lock where you had it earlier. Using a small bit, drill pilot holes for the metal screws to attach the lock to the door track.
  4. Screw the lock apparatus to the floor. Close the door and make sure the bolt slides neatly through the hole and keeps the door closed.

Tips & Warnings

The lock can go on the ground or somewhere along the edge of the door. As long as you can reach it and it locks the door, you will be protected. Play with different areas for the best fit.

It is imperative that the hole is large enough for the bolt to go through the door frame and the door itself. Make sure you have given it enough room.