Stand P2 Hasp & Heavy Staple Zink Plated

A Hasp and Staple can be used to lock a kist (or similar objects) by installing the hasp part onto the lid and the staple onto its body.


A Hasp and Staple can be used to close objects such as wooden- and metal trunks or even garden sheds. And is mostly used when no other locking mechanism is installed. The hasp has a slot which fits over the staple, through which a padlock can then be placed, to keep the object locked. Always remember to install the hasp so that the screws are covered to prevent them from being unscrewed.


Code Description Order
P2A90U HASP & HEAVY STPLE ZP   150mm       Q:1 3
P2C80U HASP & HEAVY STPLE ZP     90mm       Q:1 3


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