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Cupboard Lock

A cupboard lock is a simple way to keep bedroom, kitchen and medicine cupboard doors closed.

Door Viewer

A door viewer allows you to see what is on the other side of a door without having to open it.

Gate Lock

A Gate lock is a popular security solution for metal security gates.

Hasp & Staples

A Hasp and Staple can be used to lock a kist (or similar objects) by installing the hasp part onto the lid and the staple onto its body.

Hasp and Cylinder Lock

Similar to a hasp and staple, but instead of a staple, it has a cylinder lock. It can be used to lock up lockers, kists and even a garden shed.

Mortise Rebate Kit

A Mortise rebate kit used to allow a lock or latch mechanism to be fitted correctly on a pair of double opening rebated doors.

Night Latch

A Night latch is installed onto entrance doors to provide security over and above the already installed door lock.

Pad Bolt

A Pad bolt can be used to close and lock objects such as garden gates, Wendy houses and tool sheds.

Patio Lock

A patio lock can be used as additional security to lock patio or sliding aluminium doors.